Saturday 17 March – Tweed Heads, NSW (All Ages)
Ebenezer Park, Coral Street, Tweed Heads, NSW 2485
Coincides with the Quiksilver Pro Coolangatta (WSL)

Saturday 31 March – Torquay, VIC (All Ages)
Torquay Common, Bell Street & Surf Beach Drive, Torquay, VIC 3228
Coincides with the competition of the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach (WSL)

Saturday 14 April – Margaret River, WA (18+)
3 Oceans Winery, 8141 Bussell Highway, Metricup, WA 6280
Coincides with the competition of the Margaret River Pro (WSL)

Everyone! The Drop is a licensed all ages event, however, if you’re under 16 we recommend you attend with a parent or guardian. 

The Drop is a licensed 18+ event so please leave the little ones at home. 

If you’re not 100% sure this event is suitable for your child and you have some questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].


YES! All bars are cash only but there are ATMs and food vendors have EFTPOS.


There are EFTPOS facilities at every bar and ATMs.

Absolutely not! These great little towns have been kind enough to host us so let’s be respectful of their space and the local residents. You can do this by….

  • Not drinking in public spaces
  • Taking any rubbish with you
  • Not making noise when entering or leaving the festival
  • Being polite to the locals

Drop in on the good times, not in someone else’s personal space.
Respect and look out for each other.
If you see or experience any behaviour that makes you uneasy or feel unsafe call 0434 955 586

Everyone who wants to come along needs to buy a ticket either online through MOSHTIX or, if not sold out, at the gate on the day.

Everyone who wants to come along needs to buy a ticket either online through OZTIX or, if not sold out, at the gate on the day.

First release tickets will go on sale 9am (AEDT) Thursday 1st February, 2018.

Once an event is sold out, there will be no more tickets available.

There is a limit of four (4) tickets per person.

If you bought your ticket online: 


If you bought your ticket via MOSHTIX make sure you save or file your email that has the PDF ticket attached so you can re-print your ticket!

If you delete or lose your email that has the PDF ticket attached, 

  • log into your MOSHTIX Account
  • head to “My Account” 
  • reissue your ticket


If you bought your ticket via OZTIX make sure you save or file your email that has the PDF ticket attached so you can re-print your ticket!

If you delete or lose your email that has the PDF ticket attached, 
  • log into your OZTIX Account
  • Login to “My Account” 
  • Go to the ‘Orders’ page to reissue your ticket


  • Gates open at 4pm
  • First band starts at 4:30pm
  • Final band will finish at 10pm


  • Gates open at 3pm
  • First band starts at 4:00pm
  • Final band will finish at 10pm

The short answer is no. There will be no pass-outs during the day so be sure to pack everything you think you may need like sunscreen, something warm to wear or a picnic blanket.

BYO alcohol is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Security will be checking all bags and containers at the entrance and any alcohol found will be confiscated.

Our policy is no, no, no! Illicit substances are not welcome and there is always the chance of sniffer dogs so please leave anything illegal at home.

Our friendly local Police Force will be running a Drug Detection Dogs operation at the festival. Any patrons caught with drugs will have their entry / wristband forfeited.

No so please leave your tents at home.

We are more than happy for you to bring a sealed or empty water bottle to The Drop. In fact, we encourage reusing containers as it’s good for the environment.

Yes. You’re more than welcome to pack some food but please DO NOT bring eskies, folding chairs, card tables and knives as security will have to take these from you. Just something that will fit in your backpack.

If you need to bring in prescription or over-the-counter medication, you will need to make sure it is clearly labelled and preferably in its original packaging. If you have unidentifiable medication, security may confiscate it. If you’re unsure or have any questions, get in touch with The Drop via [email protected].

Yes indeed. We welcome everyone and all events are accessible.

Please get in touch directly with The Drop via [email protected] for specific event information in regards to access for patrons who have special needs, mobility restrictions and to discuss companion arrangements.

Mobile phones and small still cameras are welcome but please leave SLR, go-pros, tripods and video cameras at home. If you do bring these items, they will be confiscated from you at the door and stored for you to be picked up once you exit.

All photos and videos are for personal use only and before taking and/or posting photos please always be mindful of the privacy of the people who you are taking the photo of as well as those around them.

If you are a professional photographer or media outlet and would like photo access, please send your request to [email protected].

There is NO CAMPING at The Drop so be sure to lock in your accommodation ASAP.

Patrons 18 years of age and over are permitted to buy alcohol at The Drop, provided you bring valid photo ID with you.

The only forms of valid photo ID that will be accepted are a current driver’s license, a current passport or a current state issued proof of age card.

There will be local food offerings, festival favourites and some sweet surprises so there will be no going hungry.

If you have any allergies or specific requirements we do recommend bringing along some snacks just to ensure you don’t go hungry.

If you’d like further information, please get in touch with The Drop via [email protected].

No. As there is nowhere to store your things, please make sure you bring all that you need in a backpack and make sure you look after it.

There will be ATMs available on site however we HIGHLY RECOMMEND BRINGING SOME CASH. We’d hate for you to miss a band queing for an ATM

You will be able to grab some band merch so be sure to pack some extra pocket money.

The Drop will go ahead rain or shine. If it does look like rain, please leave your umbrellas at home.

If you’re UNDER 18
You just need to bring ID that has the same name on it as your ticket e.g Bus Pass, School Card, ATM Card, Library Card, Proof of Age Card

If you’re OVER 18
If you purchased any type of ticket to THE DROP and you’re over 18 and you would like to access the bar – YOU NEED TO BRING VALID PHOTO ID.

Valid photo ID includes one of the following:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Current state issued Proof of Age Card (for The Drop Margaret River, only a WA proof of age card will be accepted – other state issued proof of age cards will not be accepted)
  • Current Passport
  • Sharp things like knives, swords, ninja stars
  • Alcohol: I promise you we have enough and it’ll only be taken off you at the door so save your money
  • Drugs: Just please don’t. This could really ruin your night. And ours. And your friends. And your job prospects
  • Your dog. I’m sure he/she/it is lovely and your best friend but I’m allergic. Soz
  • Umbrellas: because the people behind you can’t see. A poncho is a lot nicer for your neighbour
  • Vuvuzelas: because they are the most annoying thing ever invented
  • Rollerskates: very inpractical on grass!
  • Chairs: you will look silly dancing with one of these under your arm and diminish your ability to look cool in front of people you’re trying to impress. Bring a rug or towel though if you want to spread out on the grass
  • Surf boards: No waves here buddy!
  • Skateboards: Also terrible mode of transport on grass
  • Fedoras: Only joking! You can wear a Fedora but only if you’re a dad
  • Your car if you plan to drink
  • SLR cameras and video equipment (unless you have media clearance)
  • Anything that won’t fit in a backpack
  • A bad attitude. No meanies, nasties or punchies. Only hugs, kisses and high fives

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